February 16, 2013

knock-off ‘hello’ shirts


I’m sure we’ve all seen the super cute ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ sweatshirts around. This shop definitely makes a very adorable sweatshirt. But I’m just not a fan of spending $35 for a piece of clothing that my kid will grow out of in a year or less, not to mention stain or somehow destroy before it can be handed down to the next kiddo.


So, to save some money I made a knock-off of my own. Instead of sweatshirts, I used some clearance short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts for my boys.


[That’s a much better price than $35!]

And rather than copy their font, I used my own handwriting! I had to do a bunch of practice ones until I got the ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ that I liked best. I thought I’d try a ‘yo’ but I changed my mind in the end.


I use this feature a lot on my Silhouette. First I scan the things that I have handwritten, then I ‘import to my library’ in Silhouette. From then on it’s in my library and I can use it when ever I want. All you have to do is trace it so you can get the outline and the Silhouette will do the rest! Anyway, I used ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ for there shirts.


I used vinyl (from US Cutter) and peeled away the words. I transferred the vinyl to the shirts and used it as my stencil. Then, with some fabric paint from Joann’s, I painted in the ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ on the shirts. [don’t forget to put cardboard inside the shirt, so the paint doesn’t leak through to the back]. Let it sit for a few hours to dry, then peel away the vinyl and tada!


Overall it was a quick and easy project. Personally I think they turned out just as adorable as the real deal, only I saved about $90 for these three shirts. Since these were so easy, I decided to make a few other shirts. I’ll post about them when I have them done!



diy with kiley

*Disclaimer: I was inspired by but did not replicate the exact design. The shirts are different, application is different, the font is my own.





  1. Great job! You did a great job with your knock off and saved tons of money...so no worries now when they outgrow it or stain it.
    Thanks so much for sharing at my Real Family Fun link party.

  2. LOVE this idea! So cute :)

    Glad you shared at last weekends link party @The Weekend re-Treat!

    Hope to see you link up again this weekend if you haven't already!

  3. Please teach me how to use my Silhouette! It's been in the box since 2010!!


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