September 10, 2014

How to make a kid-friendly schedule clock {C is for Clock}

I’m all about schedules. I don’t always stick to them as well as I’d like to, things come up…or I just get lazy :/ But I really do like a basic schedule that we follow daily, mainly because it helps the kids know what to expect throughout the day. So this is my version of a kid friendly schedule. Something easy for them to look at and understand what should be happening or what’s coming up in the day.


First I’ll give you the “how to” then I’ll tell you how it works.


I found a bunch of random clipart from doing a Google search (I don’t have any clipart credit, because honestly I didn’t think about it when I was making it). If you want to use the same clipart I used, you can get it HERE. The squares about about 3/4” square.

IMG_1380[top row L-R: quiet time/nap time, lunch, church, play with friends. 2nd row L-R: clean house, dinner, watch tv, play outside.
3rd row L-R: brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, bedtime. last row L-R: library, grocery shopping, preschool, job chart.]

Print. Then I laminated. Not a must, but definitely keeps it nicer for longer (especially with the little sticky, dirty fingers that will be sure to grab them!). I love my laminator, which is Scotch brand and you can get it easily at Walmart or order it online from Amazon (don’t forget to throw in some laminating sheets).


Once laminated, cut them out and it’s time to assemble. I bought a $6 clock from Target and some Scotch branch velcro circles (5/8”).


To keep it really easy for the kids to read & figure out what is on the schedule, I put the velcro buttons (I used the hook side) on the clock on the hour (right by the number) and on the 1/2 hour (in between the numbers).


Then of course, put the opposite velcro on the back of the clipart squares (I used the loop side)


Then put them on the clock! At, or about, the time you plan on doing those things.


On the back of the clock I put the remaining velcro buttons so I could easily store the clipart squares I don’t need for the day.


Super easy to make!! Now I’ll tell you how it works, or at least how I use it in our house.


When the boys wake up, I tell them to look at the clock and see what the LITTLE hand is pointing at. Throughout the day I try to ask them only when it’s on the hour or half our, since that is how I set it up. They see what it’s pointing at and get to it. When there’s a big gap in the schedule it means that the particular activity/event will take that long until the next activity/event, or they can pick what they want to do during that time. Luckily they are only awake for 12 hours, so doing this clock schedule is perfect!


Because not every day is the same, I change things around the night before so that in the morning, they can jump right in. It’s pretty easy for the kids to get, and it helps them start figuring out how to use a clock & to stay on a schedule. Pretty soon I will need to add some new clipart squares, for all the random things they have to do like “doctor appt”, “dentist appt”, “soccer”, etc.


{C is for Clock}

I made this because I wanted to get on a better schedule, but also it was for our C is for Clock preschool day. My oldest boy (4 years old) now knows that when the big hand is at the 12, that you say it’s “something” o’clock. So when he looks at the schedule clock, he can tell me what we are doing and what the actual time is!


July 9, 2014

Doormat Makeover - take 2

About 4 months ago I made over my doormat for the first time. I used spray paint & in less than a couple months it was already worn off. Apparently spray paint doesn’t work so well, at least with this kind of doormat.

So I decided to give it another shot. This time I used actual paint (multipurpose paint) instead of spray paint. I wanted to go for some random colors, and I’ll be honest, I’m not the best at putting colors together. If I were to do it again, I’d go for different colors. I can’t decide what those colors would be just yet, but I know I would make it with a different color scheme.


I started with the previously made-over doormat, which was back to how it started…ugly brown, with a hint of turquoise paint from before. After doing my best to clean it out/off and blowing it out with the air compressor I started painting.


I went with a random vertical stripe pattern, using 4 different colors and a piece of cardboard to keep my lines {mostly} straight. I tried to make the lines about 1 1/4” – 1 1/2” wide.


These 4 paint tubes were the perfect amount of paint for this project. I probably had enough paint leftover for a few more lines, if I needed it. As you can see, they were Martha Stewart paints, but my main need in paint was multi-purpose/multi-surface paint. I went to Joann’s and they only had acrylic paints, but these promised to be multi-surface so I went with it (I was afraid acrylic would wear off just as fast as the spray paint). I did some research before I went to the store & oil-based paints would definitely work, but again, Joann’s didn’t have what I wanted. Crossing my fingers it will hold up!


I let it dry for a few hours and then it was ready to go. I’ve had it out for a few weeks and there is no sign of wear, like there was with the spray painted version.


Now I need to plant some yellow and red flowers in my log planters to match my doormat!


diy with kiley

June 26, 2014

DIY Stars – door décor, t-shirts, & popsicles

With Independence day not too far away, we’ve been trying to do some prep for the holiday. This post is all about the STAR projects we’ve done – Door décor, t-shirts & popsicles.


The star décor was my personal project, inspired by THIS PIN. I first drew some stars on a piece of paper and scanned in my favorite design on my computer. Then I printed 3 different sizes to use as a template for cutting them out of wood. The band saw was a lot of fun to use and was really fast cutting them out.


Then came the sanding and painting. I used Rustoleum double coverage spray paint – primer, apple red, navy, and white.


After a couple coats on both sides, and letting them dry, I sanded the edges for the rustic look. Then finished it off with a coat of gloss clear coat.


The complete finished look came after I drilled a hole through the top of each star and looped some rope through. I tied them (and glued them) together at the top, making sure their lengths varied, and hung it on the door. Pretty simple!

IMG_1038 IMG_1040

Or you could use that rope to tie them together and display on a table or shelf. Just as cute!


I found a different style of DIY star shirts by Erin at A Bird and a Bean. I adapted it since I couldn’t find colored shirts that fit the boys, just white ones. Instead of using bleach like she did, I bought some blue tie dye (I would have bought red too, but I could only find fuchsia). Both the tie dye & shirts I bought at Wal-Mart.


I cut out some stars on vinyl with my silhouette machine. Erin used freezer paper, which is a much cheaper choice, I just didn’t have any and forgot to buy some! After I applied the stars, I set up the painting area. I used some old camping chairs & garbage bags as the backdrop for the project, because, let’s face it, little boys & dye make for quite the mess!! Last, mix up the tie dye (super easy, just add water!). I made them wear “gloves”…plastic baggies…because the spray bottles leaked a little.

20140625_105529[spray bottles from Wal-Mart]

I then let them sit in the sun for about 5 hours, just to be sure. I don’t know if that was necessary, but I did it anyway. I rinsed, washed, dried and they wore them the next day. Personally I think it looks like fireworks & stars!! Perfect for the 4th!



This idea came from the book Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star by Kevin Henkes.


I bought a BOX of ice-cream, which is apparently harder to come by these days. When I was growing up, I swear they were only sold in the quart boxes, but now it’s mostly the tubs. The box works A LOT better because you can peel down the sides and cut an inch or two sections. Which is what I did (no pictures!) and used a star cookie cutter & a popsicle stick. I refroze them for about an hour (should have been more) then pulled them out and topped with some magic shell. The boys LOVED them.


After a little while, they ended up melting and falling off the stick. So we did what Wemberly did in the book, we got a bowl and ate Ice-cream soup!

[We did the shirts & popsicles for a Star Preschool day.]

diy with kiley

June 12, 2014

Pirate Party

Our little G turned 4 this year and was talking about wanting a pirate party at least 6 months before his birthday. So I made his wish come true (as best as I could, anyway!). I like to have the kiddos help when it comes to their parties, so we started it off with his invitations. I looked online for examples of pirate party invitations and then made up my own. He put on some pirate stickers and stuffed the envelopes and wrote all his friends names on the outside.  


Then just to have even more fun with it, I made him a bow tie & suspender set and did a little photo shoot with him. He LOVES his pirate bow tie!


Then came the party. I ordered some inflatable pirate swords from Oriental Trading and used those as a gathering activity. While we waited for all his friends to show up, they colored their swords with sharpies (parents stayed close to keep the markers from ending up on their clothes!!).


They were beyond happy to just play & “sword fight” with each other for hours! They also got eye patches & pirate hats (from Oriental Trading and PartyPlace), they didn’t stay on long though. I made his shirt using a black black shirt from Wal-Mart, and cut the heat transfer vinyl using an image from Google images (search “pirate skull”).


I kept lunch simple and made pizza. While they ate, I set up a treasure hunt for them to find the cake!


I didn’t take any pictures of the treasure hunt, but they each got a pirate telescope (as seen HERE) & in the end had to “walk the plank” to find the treasure. A March birthday in Montana is hard because everything is inside, unless we want to play in the snow & freeze! I was going to set up the plank on the steps outside so they would actually have to JUMP off of it, but that didn’t happen.


The cake! I frosted it white & used my Silhouette machine to cut out a skull & swords stencil, laid it on the cake & sprayed it with black spray food coloring. I topped it off with black sugar sprinkles & some hand made chocolate swords (Little G’s favorite color is green!).


He asked for a pirate cake with swords on it, and he got it!


When they left, the kids kept their pirate hats, pirate swords, eye patches & telescopes. They also got a little goodie bag with suckers, pirate stickers & pirate tattoos (Oriental Trading!). [Stickers made on my Silhouette machine.]


Such a fun Pirate Party for this little 4 year old!


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June 10, 2014

R is for Rocks

For R week in preschool, we spent one day on Rocks. This is great for preschool, but it’s also fun for kids (particularly the rock loving ones) to do anytime, especially on a rainy day. They boys had lots of fun writing our names & making shapes with the rocks.


Then we “drew” pictures with the rocks.


They came the really fun part. We made animals with the rocks. I helped them design the animals and little G (3.5 years old) CAREFULLY used the glue gun to glue them together. *First I had to warn him about how hot & dangerous the glue gun is and he did a great job being careful & safe.


We colored the animals to make them look even more like animals. You could use paint of course, but we stuck with washable markers. To finish them off, we glued on some googley eyes.


And our finished products – a pig, a monster(?), a duck, a frog, and a caterpillar.


They were favorite “toys” for the day. But the hot glue didn’t hold as strong as I thought it would. Next time we might try E6000 instead. What kind of rock animals can you come up with?

diy with kiley

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